Post-Thanksgiving Plans.

After a fabulous meal at Aunt S’s with the entire Husband’s family for Thanksgiving, and a lovely, long weekend at home with the Husband and his (and now my) nuclear family, it’s time to plan for a long week ahead.  The Husband and I both have a lot going on at work this week…which means trying to plan for leftovers.  I’m also feeling a bit run-down, so I want to make sure we eat lots of healthful meals to get us through the cold, rainy weather tells me is in store.

The Menu

Tonight/Sunday: Hearty Vegetable Soup – I’ll try to make enough so we have it to reheat the rest of this week!

Monday: Garlic-roasted Chicken with Broccoli Rabe

Tuesday: Depending on work, I hope to meet some girlfriends for all-you-can eat mussels.  Husband, you’re on your own.

Wednesday: Leftover pie crust (and hopefully leftover vegetables) combine for a Vegetarian Quiche

Thursday: Leftovers, anyone? I’ll be busy cooking up Friday’s meal…

Friday: Dinner party! Baked Ziti and Roasted Asparagus

Happy Post-Thanksgiving, folks.


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planning, cooking, eating and repeating.

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