And it’s planning time!

I’ve looked up to Varina as a cook for a long time now. I remember when she got her first cooking book – maybe in 4th grade – and I was just absolutely astonished when she actually completed the recipe and made me a meal (bagel pizzas – deeeeeelish!). But the first time we really cooked together as a team was for my mom’s birthday, maybe 5 years ago. I had graduated from college and was finally coming to terms with the fact that although the food I was making was never going to be as good as my mom’s (and that I couldn’t necessarily afford to buy anything fresh or edible – true story: I accidentally bought ketchup from my grocery store that had expired an uncomfortable 4 years prior), there was no other way to learn than to do. And so, for our mom’s birthday, Varina and I pulled together the fanciest meal that we could imagine, courtesy of Ina Garten, Barefoot in Paris. We bought morels, we bought fennel; we bought all these crazy ingredients that blew my mind, and then Varina took the lead and I was happy to sous chef in her shadow. And we made the best damn birthday dinner for my mom, which has turned into one of my favorite family traditions. But I never would have attempted that meal if it hadn’t been for Varina and her confidence, so I do feel honored that she’s asked me to contribute to this lovely and yummy blog. So here we go!

Sunday – My girl Ina does it again. Lamb shanks with orzo. BOOM.

Monday – Leftovers of Sunday night’s dinner.

Tuesday – Homemade pizza with arugula salad.

Wednesday – Baked fish with onions courtesy of my mother, the fabulous Christine (guest post within a guest post – so meta).

Thursday – fend for myself! My husband is off to watch football before we go to a bluegrass concert, so I’ll probably be munching on something easy and delicious, like avocado toast.

Friday – Rigatoni with sausage and fennel!

And then le weekend. Le free for all. Le fin.


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