Welcome (back from) Miami.

Husband and I spent the past weekend livin’ la vida loca being responsible 30-somethings in Miami.  It was, in a word, amazing.  There is something about hanging out full-time in the sunshine that makes your whole body happy (if a bit lobster-y. I’m packing serious aloe today).  We ate, drank, sat by the beach, ate some more, sat by the pool, and drank some more.  (Tip: if anyone is looking for the best fried chicken and waffles in Miami, Yardbird is the place to go.  And if anyone is looking for the best beer you’ve ever had, Box Elder is your new jam.)  The trip was made all the better by the fact that the Husband’s firm picked up the hotel tab, as this was a work-related trip.  Thank you, Husband’s firm!

I think I’m also probably the only woman in the world who comes back from Miami – land of the ridiculous and beautiful bodies – and thinks, it’s definitely time to eat lots and lots of pasta.  Don’t forget the cheese.

The Menu

Monday/tonight – rigatoni bake with ground turkey

Tuesday – roasted chicken and potatoes, a la NYT (h/t to my mom!)

Wednesday – out

Thursday – leftovers

Friday – some sort of farro salad – we’ll see what looks good in the fruit aisle!

very apt description.
very apt description.