Home (again).

I am a terrible food blogger.

I have not blogged once since my trip to Boston last weekend.  And now, here I am, returned from another trip to Boston (well, Nantucket)…with zero plans to cook even one thing this week..or this weekend, when Husband and I travel to New York. (How is it possible to have SO MUCH insanity in five short days!?  Answer: Work.  And also it must be wedding season.)

If I could be fired from my own blog, I would be.

Don’t worry, though – there’s no shortage of food in my life.  Just a shortage of food I’ve prepared for myself.

On an unrelated note, here are 5 things I learned this weekend, when we celebrated my friend Emily’s bachelorette.

  1. The Skittles in the purple bag: not a bad flavor in the bunch!
  2. There are grown men who un-ironically sport lime green pants with pink lobsters and a coral belt.
  3. Get thee to Cisco Brewery.  Now.  Between the dogs running about, the beer, the bluegrass – it’s just an awesome time.
  4. Barre class is the worst.
  5. My high school friends are the best.
  6. This is a real place.
    This is a real place.

Oh Boston, You’re My Home.

My siblings and I got an email a few weeks ago entitled “mothersday.”  The email got straight to the point: “your dad is abandoning me. Can you come home?”

My parents have been married for 32 years.  No one is abandoning anyone – my dad wanted to attend a theatre convention, which happened to occur on Mother’s Day.  To be fair to him, I don’t think this ever occurred to him as a potential issue – my stoic, German mother generally rolls her eyes at Hallmark greeting cards.  And yet, the older we get, the more sentimental she becomes.  Fine with me, because I ended up being incredibly fortunate to spend this past weekend at home in Boston with my mom + whole (nuclear) family.

Visits home usually center around two primary objectives: 1) drinking drinks and 2) eating food.  This Mother’s Day visit was no different.  In case you’re curious, highlights included: the seafood platter at Neptune Oyster, brunch (lobster benedict!!) at Boston Chops, and obviously, Mike’s Pastry.  I even brought two cannolis all the way back to DC to share with the Husband.  I am the best wife ever.  You’re welcome.

The Menu

This week, our weekly menu is..unclear to me!  Because I wasn’t home, Husband was in charge of grocery shopping, and now cooking.  Great in theory, but in practice, I’m doing WAY more dishes than normal.

i want to eat 1000 more of these.
i want to eat 1000 more of these.

PS – a question for the blogging community: Now that I’ve hit more than 100 posts, I’m thinking about taking the blog to the next step – or at least, purchasing my own domain.  Unfortunately, dinnercheznous.com is already taken (thanks a lot, Go Daddy).  How have others navigated this step?  Any tips?