Week 2 of Guest Blogging: Introducing the Sister!

If all goes according to plan, this week the Husband and I are exploring South Africa’s wine country and getting ready to spend four days taking far too many pictures of African wildlife.

It also means my sister Kathryn is taking over the reins of this blog for the week!  Some fun food facts about my sister:

  • While I was busy being a “vegetarian” for the first 18 years of my life (ie, only eating bread, butter, cheese and pasta), my sister was busy developing a serious person’s palate.  Kathryn was eating escargots, mussels, and paté when I was (literally) crying about having to eat my spaghetti with red sauce.
  • Other than my mom, Kathryn is the only person I have ever known who can execute a recipe from Bon Appetit and actually make it look and taste the way the magazine describes it.  This recipe she made, for example, is one of the best pies I’ve ever had…
  • Due to years of working at her local food co-op (not to mention a few years of fairly broke living in New York City), Kathryn has an eye for making creative, hearty meals on a serious budget.  Which is a good thing, as her husband now has an eye for such inventive foods as…pineapple and nectarines.  Oh, and cherries.

Over to you, Kath!

as serious as pie
as serious as pie

Honeymoon Plans! Introducing Our First Guest Blogger.

The Husband and I are setting off today on our biggest adventure yet – our honeymoon to South Africa!  For the next two weeks, we will be attempting to go as 100 percent off the grid as we possibly can.  That means (almost) no work email, limited personal email, no…blog?

Fear not!  I have already badgered asked my wonderful friend Tammy and my amazing sister Kathryn to serve as guest bloggers for the week.

Here are some fun food facts about Tammy- our guest blogger for this upcoming week:

  • In my mid-20s, while I was still figuring out how to boil water for pasta, Tammy grocery shopped, planned, and cooked for 15 people.  Did I mention this was for three days straight? That we were all crashing at her parents’ house for a ski trip? That skiers/boarders are generally hungry, hungry people?  That each meal was ridiculously, absurdly delicious?
  • After graduate school, Tammy, her husband, the Husband and I all took a week-long roadtrip through California. The best meal we had?  The one that Tammy planned and we prepared ourselves, in a cabin in the woods of Sonoma.  Bonus fact: the best night of sleep? The night the four of us split one room at the local B&B.
  • Tammy is now the proud mother of 1 year old TWINS…which she has somehow fed, bathed, and generally turned into happy, healthy almost-toddlers.  Clearly, this girl doesn’t know how to NOT give it 200 percent.

I’m excited to see what she’ll cook up!  And stay tuned for details on my sister’s week of blogging.

imbibing in san francisco
imbibing in san francisco