Oh, hi there.

It’s been quiiiitttttee a while.

Things that happened over chez nous since our last musing on kielbasa & lentil soup:

One Saturday morning, the Husband insisted we go house-hunting.  Again. 41 weeks into gestation, the stairs have never felt steeper.

We stopped for pretzel hot dogs for lunch.  And then falafel and french fries.  And then, because why not, for the first time in YEARS, a McDonald’s milkshake.

And then, one terrible, terrible car ride later – stuck behind a funeral procession, SCREAMING at the Husband to just end it all NOW – I had an epidural.  At 2:57AM, we heard our kid cry for the first time.  In between, there were some terrible, serious complications that we are still working through, 2.5 months later – stories for some other time.

BUT.  A BABY.  A wonderful, healthy, smiley, squirmy baby boy we’ve named Theodore.  Our little man.  Holy, moly, love.

Theodore, 3 weeks – big thanks to our dear friend Clare (www.cfieseler.com) for the photograph!

But this isn’t a blog about babies.  (Although I do feel like I could do a whole side blog entitled “Really Hard Stuff No One Told You About Pregnancy and Babies and Childbirth and Parenthood Because Otherwise We’d All Stop Procreating and Social Security Would Disappear Faster than It Already Is.”  Catchy name, no?)

And now I’m going to do the impossible: try to start cooking again.  And to write about it.  Bear with me.