So, something happened.

I can’t pretend anymore that I’ve been even a halfway decent contributor here.  And sadly, I can say the same about my time in the kitchen – not as impressive as one might hope.  (Sorry, husband.)

There’s the new job, and all the transitions that have come with that.  There were a few other family things mixed in, and then there’s the fact that now that it’s winter, no one likes taking pictures of food at night (much less looking at them).

But mostly it’s this:

My husband and I learned that we are going to be parents.

FullSizeRender (2)

To be precise, baby boy is joining our party of two sometime in spring 2016.

This just got (really) real.

There are plenty of places to share thoughts on pregnancy and motherhood and families on the interwebs.  Because this is (or was, before I casually disappeared) a food blog, I thought I’d share some food-related items I’ve learned over the past few months.  (Feel free to share your own thoughts – I’ve also learned that especially in the beginning, just talking about these things helps!)

Top Five Things I’ve Learned About Growing a Human Baby vs. a Food Baby

(1) All the bread, all the time.  For the first few months, the only thing I could imagine ever wanting to eat was carbs.  And not the whole grain, seed-speckled, delicious but somewhat healthy bread I had grown to love over the years.  Give me baguette and/or pizza, or give me more nausea.

(2) This whole telling none of your family and friends about the most bonkers thing that’s ever happened to you for a few months is HARD.  Let’s leave aside the fact for the moment that sharing my innermost feelings is not something I’ve ever had to work on (in fact, probably should try to keep a better lid on those sharing/caring moments, including on this forum).  Let’s just concentrate on the fact that for a few months, you’re LYING to your friends and family about things that you LOVE, making you look like a LYING LIAR.  Oh, coffee?  Oh, I had some already this morning (I wish).  Wine?  Actually, I think I may be coming down with a cold (OMG, please pass me a glass, just so I can sniff it).  Delicious, melty French cheese that oozes and smells perfectly ripe?  I don’t want any (WHAT!? Who ARE you?)

(3) Some things that you love will make you really, really sick.  Like sugar.  Halloween Twix bars have me thinking I may never eat a Twix again.  Salmon, pre-ordered for two separate weddings, which I made the husband eat instead.  And…overeating.  Despite knowing that this would make me feel terrible, I still liked to eat to bursting.  Husband tried to help by reminding me of the resulting unpleasant feelings.  You can imagine how well that went.

(4) Cereal is your friend.  Most nights, I come home from work and look longingly at my bed.  Cold, delicious cereal is the answer.

(5) Just when you think you JUST. CAN’T. ANYMORE., it gets magically better.  Clementines come into season, and they’re delicious and cold and perfect.  You stop lying to your friends and family – and you get to drink wine on occasion!  Like a holiday miracle, Candy Cane kisses reappear in the store RIGHT when sugar stops making you ill.  At night, when you get home from work, you’re only tired, instead of exhausted…just in time to remember that you should really prioritize date night with your husband, who has lovingly put up with you being somewhat insane for 5+ months.

Which is exactly what we’re doing tonight.  Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays, everyone!





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