Menu Planning

Cincinnati.  We came, we saw, we ate, we drank, and we ate some more.

And then it knocked me out.

I’m typing this from my bed, where I have taken refuge after succumbing to a terrible, terrible cold.  To be fair, I could feel this creeping in my bones for about a week leading up to our trip.  Add a few glasses of wine, a (failed) bid outfun my husband, and what I thought was a full-on birthday/house party that was actually just the pregame, and even Zicam couldn’t save me.  Well played, last gasp of winter.

Still, we loved the Queen City and I can’t wait to return.  And because birthdays are better when they last a month, another happy birthday to J! xoxo

The Menu

Monday – I.need.chicken.soup.

Tuesday – um, probably more chicken soup.

Wednesday – quinoa salad

Thursday – leftovers

Friday – my mom’s in town. Did I mention she’s a trained chef?  I’ll start thinking about this one when the cold medicine has subsided.

is that spring in the distance? nope, that's the cinci music hall.
is that spring in the distance? nope, that’s the cinci music hall.

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6 thoughts on “Menu Planning”

  1. Hope u r feeling better soon. You must have soup in your freezer. I do. Three different kinds for that just in case time.

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