March Madness Menu Planning

I have already stated that March is generally a time of madness around here, and sadly, I’m not just talking basketball.  (Though, obviously, if the Hoyas drop out of the dance the way they have the past few years, my office bracket will not only be shot, yet again.  Cue the bracket below, in which NO one can lose.  Especially not if you have a Chicken Madness sandwich.)

The Husband has also been traveling and spending quite a few dinner-times at the office, which means it’s been A-OK for me to eat leftovers…and sometimes even cereal.  Because what 30-year-old with a food blog doesn’t think that’s totally appropriate?

The Menu

Sunday – tacos a la Husband

Monday – um…leftover tacos?

Tuesday – going to see the one man on my “list” – Eric Church

Wednesday – wine night!

Thursday – my one night of cooking.  I’ll be preparing some sort of chicken casserole.

Friday – we are headed to Cincinnati to visit with the Husband’s sister as she turns 25.  To say I feel old and hungover just typing this is an understatement, but J – we are very excited!

Happy Monday, folks.

(now this is the kind of bracket I can get behind)


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planning, cooking, eating and repeating.

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