Menu Planning: Eat Your Veggies

The Husband had some questions about the grocery list I sent him off with yesterday.  “Veggie soup? Veggie salad? Veggie…everything?”

I’m planning on roasting a whole mess of vegetables tonight and just using those all week.  Somehow I feel like I’m sticking it to winter that way.  Also, I’m pre-atoning for the food fest that is sure to come this weekend, when I visit with my college girlfriends in Philly AKA food city AKA is it Friday yet?!

Husband came home with few items that weren’t on the list, to compensate.

The Menu

Sunday – roasted veggie salad

Monday – roasted veggie tart

Tuesday – out

Wednesday – Husband fends for himself

Thursday – roasted veggie soup

Friday – Philly.


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7 thoughts on “Menu Planning: Eat Your Veggies”

    1. there’s definitely a direct relationship between the sun bothering to melt any of this snow and me roasting all of the vegetables in the grocery aisle. someone needs to get warm around here.

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