Menu Planning. Again.


These are the doldrums of winter. It’s cold and rainy – around here, it hasn’t even had the decency to properly snow.  It gets dark at 5pm.  And the holidays (and time off) are long gone.

I think this is why they make psuedo holidays like Valentine’s Day: whether you’re celebrating with a significant other, your friend, your mom, or a large piece of chocolate – getting here means we just have to slog through another 6 (or 7) weeks before spring, glorious spring.

The Menu

Monday – broccoli & cauliflower quesadillas

Tuesday – book club!

Wednesday – butternut squash stew

Thursday – scrounging in our cupboard

Friday – waiting for…

Saturday – the best part: I have no idea…but the Husband does! very excited for our Vday celebration. (I may or may not make dessert.)


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planning, cooking, eating and repeating.

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