Menu Planning after Minnesota

The Husband and I were on a plane during the second half of the Superbowl.  We missed the interception of the century; we missed this ridiculously cute celebration between the Brady boys (+ wife); we missed Bill Belichick break down and show his human side.  (Well, sort of human side.)    Unfortunately, we didn’t miss the Katy Perry halftime show – why, oh, why, Lenny, did you agree to this??  Left Shark got more screen time than you did.  You are (far, far) better than that.

The only thing that makes missing the New England Patriots win Superbowl XLIX remotely acceptable is the fact that we were flying back from a weekend in Minnesota with my sister and her husband.  In case you’re wondering: yes, Minnesota is absolutely frozen in the winter.  Quite literally.  We saw people biking across the frozen (10,000) lake(s).  But Minnesota is also AWESOME.  The next time you’re planning a foodie vacation, forget Paris or New York or even New Orleans, and get thee to Minneapolis, where you can make the Jucy Lucy your very own.  Or, if you’re among the truly lucky, like me + the Hubs, my brother-in-law will make you breakfast, ruining egg sandwiches for you for all time.

This week, we will be eating to make up for our weekend of Minneapolis-style food heaven.

The Menu

Tonight – red lentil soup with leftover kale and spinach

Tuesday – asparagus tart with leftover ricotta cheese

Wednesday – dinner out

Thursday – we should really make that chicken piccata I planned last week…

Friday – dinner out

breakfast in minnesota.
breakfast in minnesota.

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6 thoughts on “Menu Planning after Minnesota”

  1. I can’t imagine the snow in the Minnesota. Here in Sardinia we don’t se the snow since the 1982 and in that year was very few.
    But, reading the post, I was thinkink that also the food is excellent. 🙂


  2. I love the runny egg sandwiches! It works well for lunch too when yor’re bored with the usual! I coat the bread with goat cheese and then lay the lovely half cooked egg on it! Happy New Year to you and Jeff! Miss you guys…🍸Debbie


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