Menu Planning and Posting

On Saturday night, my book club celebrated our 5 6 year anniversary (with so many English majors in the group, math is not our collective strong point).  To celebrate, I cooked up a little storm (apparently nothing like the blizzard heading our way) and hosted our celebration party.  We’ll be feasting on those leftovers this week, as well as…

The Menu 

Sunday – old faithful…ie, the best chili ever (will not be posting this recipe again, but you can find it here)

Monday – roasted vegetable tart

Tuesday – leftovers

Wednesday – chicken piccata with charred lemon

Thursday – cleaning out the fridge in anticipation of…

Friday – off to MINNESOTA for the weekend.  I want to know: who goes to Minnesota in January? Me (& the Husband) because I love my sister.

my friend mikell actually made these. um, what!?!
my friend mikell actually made these. um, what!?!

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