(Delayed) Menu Planning

After a weekend of festivities – the beaux-parents’ visit, a friend in town, and multiple big sports-related Ws (Hoyas! Pats!), I am a bit delayed on thinking through this week’s menu.  Honestly, I’m just impressed I made it to the grocery store.

Monday – slow-cooked braised salmon

Tuesday – peanut butter chocolate granola squares (this is dinner, right?)

Wednesday – I have a feeling we’ll be eating kale and pasta – we have LOTS of kale.  Thanks, Husband!

Thursday – roasted eggplant with tahini

Friday – out with friends

(Bonus) Saturday – I’m hosting my book club’s 6 year anniversary party…so I’m thinking through what might get us to a year 7 party.  (Wine, obvs.)

And just because, Georgetown’s Jack hanging out with Butler’s mascot.  Not pictured: the Hoyas just dominating this entire weekend.


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planning, cooking, eating and repeating.

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