(Planning on) Leftovers: Menu Planning

I don’t know about you, but I had a straight up wonderful weekend.  We went to dinner with friends, we ice skated, we watched the Patriots advance to the AFC Championship, we went to bed at 10PM, we went to the movies and we  ended it all on a brownie sundae.  Funny how a weekend of being 30 also sort of sounds like a weekend of being 5.  It’s pretty awesome.

As you can tell, I didn’t do too much cooking this weekend – we are STILL living on leftovers.  And will be well into this week – the Husband unearthed the frozen baked rigatoni I made a month ago, which we’re both delighted to report is just as tasty as before.  So this week, I’m only planning two meals, again.

Monday – mushroom bourguignon with pappardelle

Tuesday – leftovers!

Wednesday – more leftovers (plus, maybe, kale chips?)

Thursday – even more leftovers!

Friday – with the Husband’s parents in town, make-your-own pulled chicken taco night.



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