Counting Down to Santa! (IE, my mom churning out Christmas miracles)

With this short upcoming week, I’m planning on making almost nothing in our little apartment kitchen (I’m not even going grocery shopping!).  Instead, starting on Tuesday evening, the Husband and I will be dining chez my parents’, and dining really well, might I add.  As I’ve mentioned before, food is a big, big deal in my household, and anytime we’re all together, we spend a lot of time thinking about it, cooking it, and eating it…which, when I think about it, is sort of the whole point of this blog!  Come Christmas, we up the ante significantly with (multiple) food-related traditions.  I seriously can’t WAIT.

The Menu

Sunday – chickpea burgers (since I didn’t make them last week!)

Monday – finishing off the last of the broccoli pesto

Tuesday – travel day

Wednesday/Christmas Eve – my mom’s beef wellington.  I’m so excited to get this recipe, I can hardly stand it!

Thursday/Christmas – Christmas goose

Friday – the smart thing would be leftovers.  But I’m hoping posting this on the interwebs means that the world’s best seafood stew will be on the menu! (hint, hint, Mom!)

Saturday – my dad takes over the kitchen helm, and all the siblings + significant others become assembly workers making my grandmother’s Pierogi recipe

Sunday – travel day and the start of a serious exercise plan

As my mom said to me today, “hope you’re hungry and ready to beat that Pierogi dough!”


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