The best laid plans…

Despite the best of intentions, last week was not such a busy one in the kitchen.  I’d say I have higher hopes for this week, but there’s something about the weeks right around the holidays that takes you out of your own kitchen and into others’ instead.  Or in my case, to happy hour, apparently.  Here’s the tentative plan:

The Menu

Sunday: Swiss chard tart (here’s hoping my chard from last week is still looking good)

Monday: Our ultimate go-to: BBQ pulled-chicken and broccoli slaw

Tuesday: Book club!

Wednesday: happy hour!

Thursday: Chickpea burgers (or…leftover pulled chicken)

Friday: Birthday/holiday happy hour!

At some point this week, I’m also hoping to make some candy cane kiss cookies for my office’s holiday party.  That is, if I don’t eat the candy cane kisses first, because that’s what happened last week.  I love these.  LOVE them.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.


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