It’s That Time Again: Menu Planning

After a weekend of lots (and lots) of baked rigatoni, we’ve (mostly) cleaned out the leftovers scene.  Which means it’s Monday, and another week to get our planning on.  Here is what I’m thinking for the week.

The Menu

Tonight – Shrimp “Scampi” with leftover shrimp

Tuesday – Depending on work/time, I have my eyes on a Cooking Light recipe for Swiss chard tart…

Wednesday – Chickpea and Radicchio salad – inspired by Oprah!

Thursday – happy hour, which will inevitably mean noshing on something not at home…which means the Husband’s on his own!

Friday – Husband has a work dinner…which means I’m on my own!  I’ll be trying out my mom’s super-simple pork recipe, with the thought that we can eat leftovers throughout the weekend.

On with the week!


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planning, cooking, eating and repeating.

One thought on “It’s That Time Again: Menu Planning”

  1. Love these emails. Just heard a piece by Erick Satie and it brought back happy memories of the wedding.

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