The End of the Honeymoon…

The Husband and I are just returning from an epic food, drink and animal-filled adventure in South Africa.  A huge thanks to Tammy and Kathryn for inspiring some new cooking ideas – can’t wait to try some of those!

Our two week honeymoon took us from the colorful streets of Cape Town, to the barren prison of Robben Island, from the windswept cliffs of whale country to the lush valleys of wine country, and finally, to the dry African bush, where we finished our last few days surrounded by animals and plants we could only have ever imaged seeing in a zoo or a botanical garden.  We met some absolutely fabulous people, not only from South Africa, but from the UK and from Australia.  And throughout it all, we ate and drank like royalty…and then ate and drank some more.  It. Was. Delicious.

cape town and the surrounding areas: straight up gorgeous
cape town and the surrounding areas: straight up gorgeous

We ate at one of the best restaurants in the world and at a pub where we were the only two non-locals.  We celebrated at one of the newest and most fabulous restaurants in the culinary capital of South Africa, and sampled bread and cheese from a local farm.  We ate so much that we actually sought out a night of food simplicity: pizza and salad from a South African chain restaurant.

lunch in stellenbosch
lunch in stellenbosch

With each meal, of course, we had to try the South African wine – rose, sauvignon blanc, merlot, cabernet franc, and pinotage (they love red blends).  We poured amarula liqueur in our hot chocolate (YUM) and the Husband ordered plenty of Castle, the South African national beer.  And, of course, it wouldn’t be a honeymoon without champagne (well, sparkling wine, at least).  Even when we promised ourselves a night of alcohol abstinence, a wonderful waiter would bring us two glasses of bubbly…which would lead to more eating and drinking.

wine tasting at la bri, franschhoek
wine tasting at la bri, franschhoek

Suffice to say, we’re eating (lots of vegetables) at home the rest of this month.  Well, at least until Thanksgiving!

PS: I plan on writing up a bit more on some of the weird and wonderful meals we had – spoiler alert: not for the practicing vegetarian…


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