Planning Time!

I was thrilled with Varina asked me to guest blog this week. Mostly, I hope this weeklong blogging stint will help turn around what is a serious lack of planning meals in our household.

These days, my need to plan meals is greater than it ever has been. My boy/girl twins just turned one, and they are becoming eaters of real food. That means no more picking a store-bought puree from the pantry to feed them (I dabbled in making my own purees but abandoned that effort pretty early on). Without a plan, mealtime can devolve into taking everything out of the fridge and throwing it on the high chair tray to see what they’ll eat. What’s the metaphor, throw everything against the wall and see what sticks? My hope is that having a plan will create a calmer toddler mealtime.

Yes, this amount of mess is typical.
Yes, this amount of mess is typical.
This kid lives exclusively off of hummus and crackers.
This kid lives exclusively off of hummus and crackers.

Also, because my husband works late most nights, I am the only adult around at dinnertime. Without a plan in place for my own meal, dinner can easily become the dregs of what was left on the highchair tray: leftover quesadilla, peas, or cheese strips. Ultimately this type of eating is just not good for the psyche.

I figured that it also makes sense to have some sort of coordination between toddler and adult meals. It is easier if the prep for both meals is somewhat the same, for the sake of efficiency and for the sake of feeling less like a short order cook.

Because we are home each day for lunch and dinner, my plan involves both meals.

I apologize if this plan makes your head spin. I’ve bolded the adult dinners, since I assume that is probably what I’ll be blogging about:

Monday Lunch:

(for me) Grilled cheese and tomato soup

(for the tots) Grilled cheese, watermelon, spinach smoothie.

Tuesday Lunch:

(for me) Greek salad with falafel and hummus

(for the tots) Falafel dipped in hummus, peas, strawberries and watermelon.

Wednesday Lunch:

(for me) Leftovers

(for the tots) Leftovers, yogurt

Thursday Lunch:

(for me) Lunch out!

(for the tots) All of our favorite things: cheese, peas, hummus on crackers, strawberries.

Friday Lunch:

(for me) leftovers

(for the tots) leftovers, if they like them, if not, All of our favorite things (see Thursday lunch)

Saturday Lunch:

(for me + Husband) Turkey sandwiches

(for the tots) avocado, turkey, toast, fruit

Monday Dinner:

(for me) Panini with avocado, cherry tomatoes, and cheddar.

(for the tots)   Avocado, cherry tomatoes, cheese, lunchmeat, toast

Tuesday Dinner:

(for me) Vegetable and Farro Slowcooker Stew

(for the tots)   Vegetable and Farro Stew (possibly pureed a bit), lunchmeat, fruit

Wednesday Dinner:

(for me) Leftovers

(for the tots) Quesadilla, watermelon, strawberries, cherry tomatoes

Thursday Dinner:

(for me) Pumpkin Pasta

(for the tots) Pumpkin Pasta, probably pureed, broccoli,

Friday Dinner:

(for me) leftovers or take-out with the Husband

(for the tots) Fish sticks, broccoli

Saturday Dinner:

(for me + Husband) Salmon cooked in foil

(for the tots) Bfast for dinner: Green Chile Quiche, Sausages, Spinach smoothie

We shall see how we do!


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