Charging Ahead! Planning Time.

Thanks in no small part to my wonderful friend Stephanie, there was a big bump in viewers over the past few days.  Welcome!  And now, even more reason to keep cookin’ and commentin’.

As I mentioned yesterday, we head out of town this weekend for the longest time we’ve been away from home thus far (about 2.5 weeks!), so planning this week’s meals is even more important.  I definitely want to make sure we maximize eating at home for the aforementioned budgetary/health reasons, but I also want to make sure we don’t leave any leftovers sitting in our fridge for that long!  So, yesterday, I drew up my plan for the week:

The Menu

Monday – We’ll be testing a new recipe for “One Pan Mexican Quinoa,” courtesy of my new sister-in-law and her roommate

Tuesday – Book club!  Headed to my friend Katie’s, so I know the food will be great…I’m just in charge of bringing some wine

Wednesday – This one’s a toss-up: if I can locate some garam masala, I want to keep the Indian flavors going – Dawali was so amazing! If not, we’re going to just heat up a chicken pot pie we have in the fridge…along with some brussel sprouts

Thursday – I have a late night meeting, so I have a feeling we’ll be fending for ourselves

Friday – frost living! (IE – whatever fresh we have in our fridge that should be consumed before we leave)

Happy almost-Tuesday, folks!


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