Planning? Umm…

What do you get (to eat) when you cross weekend travel with long, long hours at the office?

That was a trick question, as it is now Wednesday and I have not ventured into my kitchen, much less a grocery store.  Tonight, my plan is to try and rectify that.  Here’s the plan for the rest of this week.

The Menu

Wednesday – “Old Faithful” chili and (doctored) cornbread

Thursday – vegetable curry (it’s officially fall!)

Friday – leftover chili

Saturday – Saturday night with the husband out of town?  Girls’ dinner night.

Sunday – potluck supper at my friend Kate’s – I’m in charge of salad.  I’m thinking spinach salad with pears, walnuts and blue cheese – and my own dressing.

We shall see how well I stick to it.


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planning, cooking, eating and repeating.

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