Lobsterfest: The Last Meal.

What is your Last Meal?

You know the game.  What is the last thing you would choose to eat, if you knew you had one more meal, and one more meal only?  Your Last Meal on earth.

For me, I’ve known for years.  Cape Cod lobster, corn on the cob, salad with lots of avocado, good bread with cheese.  Drawn butter with a bit of lemon thrown in on the side.  And all of it must be cooked by my Dad.  He’s the only one who gets the timing on the lobster just right, the grill marks on the corn perfectly charred, makes the salad dressing with his “secret” ingredient, chooses the right, smelly cheese – and toasts the bread.

I’m lucky enough to get to eat my Last Meal at least once or twice a summer.  This past Saturday night, I made it a third time for summer 2014.  Bonus: for dessert, we had my sister’s salted caramel wedding cake. Plus champagne. Life. Is. Good.

The Verdict:

This is my Last Meal.  Enough said.

the best meal on earth.

Thanks, (Mom and) Dad.


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planning, cooking, eating and repeating.

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