Planning Ahead.

The idea for this blog is simple: I love to cook, and I love to eat.  My husband especially likes the latter, even if he has a slightly picky palate.  Both of those things require planning ahead, especially if you’re 1) trying to be budget conscious and/or 2) trying to watch the waistline.  I do a mediocre job at both, and this is my attempt to change that.

By plotting out the week ahead against the calendar, figuring out what nights I’ll cook, making a grocery list to fit that plan, executing it… and keeping track of it, I should be able to figure out which meals we like, which meals are easy, which ones are less so but  are worth it, and most importantly, which meals we can turn to over and over again when inevitably, my planning fails.

The Menu 

Sunday – Polenta with Swiss Chard in the crockpot

Monday – Coconut Curry Salmon

Tuesday – Book club, aka WINE & CHEESE night

Wednesday – Ground chicken lettuce wraps

Thursday – Out to dinner with friends

Friday – Frozen pizza (can we call that a real plan?!)

Let’s do this.


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5 thoughts on “Planning Ahead.”

  1. Hi Varina, I am loving the lay out and concept of your blog. I went through a weekly meal planning stage, I don’t think I cooked the same thing twice for 8 months. It’s how I learned to cook, as you get exposed to a greater variety of ingredients, techniques and flavours and gradually it sinks in. Have fun, I’ll be sure to keep stopping by. 🙂

    Et etes-vous francaise?


    1. Nicola, what an incredibly thoughtful comment, thank you! You’re right – at the end of this, I’m hoping there will be no need for recipes, just my own head. 🙂

      Je ne suis pas francaise, mais j’habitais la bas avec ma famille quand j’etais petite.

      Also – is GORGEOUS. Merci beaucoup for following along!


      1. Ah.. hence the title. I asked because my fiance is french, and while we currently live in Australia, we plan on moving over there one day. I’m always trying to improve my french cooking skills… Merry Christmas.


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